Sunday, September 14, 2014

Product #FAIL - Method Bathroom Cleaner

I had high hopes for the Method Bathroom Cleaner.  I like to clean my bathroom without needing a gas mask and a body glove to protect me from the harsh chemicals.  That is what attracted me to this product.

The bottle says: "Non-Toxic Plant-Bases Powergreen Technology" and "DISSOLVES SOAP SCUM, CLEANS MOLD + MILDEW STAINS".  Sounds great doesn't it?

With 'Method Bathroom Cleaner' in hand I was actually looking forward to that dreaded chore of cleaning the shower.  I sprayed the walls, corners and the floor thoroughly as instructed.  

 There is a picture on the bottle of a woman wearing a gas mask next to a quote bubble that says, "We find cleaning more enjoyable when you don't have to hold your breath."

I found the smell to be kind of pleasant and it didn't make me feel like I was going to pass out from the fumes.  Score 1 for Method Bathroom Cleaner!


It also says on the bottle that with this product I can "Find another use for my elbow grease." and that sounds pretty awesome to me!  I sprayed the shower thoroughly and waited a few minutes to let it start working. 
We tend to get a soap scum build up in our shower.  'Scum' sounds like such a harsh word for it, you would probably not even notice it, if it weren't for the orange tinted body wash that I use.  The slight 'orange glow' is visible when it starts to built up in the shower surfaces.  I always image it looks like someone has just washed off their fake tan solution from the 80's in my shower.  

After waiting several minutes I still didn't see any change, so I figured maybe it will wipe right off, -again like the bottle says "Spray. Wipe. Admire". 

But it doesn't.  

After wiping for a bit with no success, I flip my sponge over to the scrubby side and start scrubbing. Finally the orange hue of my body wash residue starts to wash off, but I think it's more because of the 'elbow grease' and hot water, then because of this cleaner.  The shower still doesn't look as clean as it usually looks after a thorough cleaning using every last drop of my elbow grease reserves.  It didn't even clean the water spots off the chrome water handle.

I decided to give this a true comparison test.  I went to our guest bathroom that rarely gets used, to clean that tub and shower, but this time using nothing more than warm water and more of that elbow grease I wasn't suppose to not need with this product.

The end difference.

The soap scum came off with just warm water, the scrubby side of a sponge, and my elbow grease.  So I wasted my $5 buying this "green" product.  It would have been just as clean without any product, and the "green" would still be in my wallet.

Very disappointing, especially after reading all the great reviews on their website...hmmm.

I haven't tried the other Method products (nor will I be) but as far as this Method Bathroom Cleaner's a Big Fat FAIL in my book.

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