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Chicken Lady's Pick of FREE eBooks! (9/30/14)

Just a short list today...some days I find a goldmine of treasures, and some days not so much.  The first book in the list today is one that I previously featured, that was loved by its readers, so when the author let me know that it was going to be available for FREE for only one day on Wednesday, October 1st I thought I needed to include it again...just in case you missed it before, you now have a second chance to get it for FREE!  So here we go...today's list of the Chicken Lady's Pick of FREE eBooks, enjoy!

If you are new to this series, each Tuesday & Saturday I will be posting the Chicken Lady's Pick of FREE eBooks!  I will include books that I am personally purchasing, in my favorite genre's like non-fiction, books based on a true story, or fiction that seems non-fiction, self-help, autobiographies, true-crime, cook books sometimes, and children's books.  I will also be including some books that are not necessarily my kind of books, like sci-fi, romance novels, and books about sports, as long as they have very high reviews on Amazon.  Sometimes I will include books that are not free to all, but will be Free for you if you have a KindleUnlimited subscription. [Learn more about it & get a Free 30 day trial here.] Please leave me a comment if you like this series of posts as it will encourage me to continue bringing you a new list of FREE eBooks twice each week!

You don't have to have an Amazon Kindle to Read Kindle eBooks.

Here are today's 'Chicken Lady's Pick of FREE eBooks'

[*BEFORE PURCHASING* Please look at the price of the book before you purchase it.  These books were listed as $0.00 at the time of this post, but this is usually a short term promotion and then they go back to the full price.] 

This book will be available for FREE on Amazon for one day only, on Wednesday, October 1, 2104. 
This story is told from the perspective of Cheryl, the oldest of seven siblings.  There are glimpses into the heart and soul of each of the other children as they experienced unimaginable abuse and pain throughout their childhoods.

This book is a message of hope and unexpected joys as you experience the journey with Cheryl as she discovers the road to freedom through the Power of Forgiveness. Cheryl learned to forgive her abusers and her past, and it opened up opportunities for her life to change. In speaking and sharing all over the United States and in other countries, for so many years, her story has powerfully impacted thousands of other hurting people all over the world.

Cheryl's bold message that she so eloquently conveys to the reader is that they must not remain just victims, or survivors - they can become healers of themselves and others, just as she has done. The book resonates with the colors of triumph, courage and life-sustaining caring for others.

** Kindle Unlimited This book is also available for Free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Learn more


Ex-cop Frank Harper doesn't want to get involved. Harper is visiting the small Ohio town of Cooper's Mill, trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter and a grandson he's never met. But he finds the town gripped in fear-two young girls have gone missing, taken in broad daylight from a busy street. And the police are coming up blank. But once Harper is drawn reluctantly into the investigation, he'll stop at nothing to find the girls. And he doesn't care who gets in the way.

** Kindle Unlimited This book is also available for Free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Learn more


You will learn everything about Sprouting that will get you started and excited about creating your own Superfood that is super healthy for you and much cheaper and healthier than buying in the store.

Sprouts are crunchy and flavorful additions to any diet, rich in natural sources of proteins, vitamins, enzymes and minerals; they add a healthy punch to sandwiches, salads and stir-fry dishes. You can easily buy sprouts in many grocery stores and whole foods stores, but it is so easy to grow your own sprouts at home, plus you can control the amount you need and also experiment with different sprouting seeds and beans for a wider variety to choose from.

** Kindle Unlimited This book is also available for Free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Learn more

NOTE ABOUT KINDLES & AMAZON: By the way, you do not need a Kindle device to read Kindle books, you can download the Kindle app to your Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, iPad and just about any smart devices.  You will need an Amazon account to purchase the free books.  Sign-up is super easy if you don't already have one.  To get a Free book you have to go through the purchase process even though the price is $0.00.  You will need a method of payment on file with Amazon, but they will not charge your card to 'purchase' a free ebook. 

*This was an unpaid, unsolicited post about the products shown above that I have purchased myself.  Neither the authors nor the publishers have asked me to include their books in this post.  The first image in this post today is courtesy of adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.  I have included Affiliate links in this post, please see my Full Disclosure here.

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