Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Miss Hollywood Graduated Puppy Obedience Training Class! Yay!

Yes! My baby has graduated from Puppy Basic Home Manners Obedience Class!  And she was even voted 'the most improved' automatically win that honor when the first class goes something like this:
Dog is over stressed walking through the downtown city area, because she lives in a very rural community and see's maybe 3 cars a week, and never saw a bicyclist before in her life -until one sped past her just as she is entering the first class.

Dog is so distracted by all these new dogs and their people that she has never seen before.

Dog gets so excited about said people that she pee's all over the floor -that mommy has to clean up.

Dog (repeatedly) tears down the barrier that the instructor puts up to hopefully block out said distractions.

Dog mommy gets upset that dog is acting like she was rescued from a cave the day before.

Dog gets so upset because mommy is upset that she develops the screaming diarrhea -that again mommy has to clean up.

Dog has to be removed out the back door to finish 'squirting'.

Dog comes back in 20 minutes later, still stressed, but calmer -or at least with an empty bowel.  Mommy is now so upset she is crying.  Dog and mommy sit out the last 15 minutes of the class because..."whats the use?"

So, after a one-on-one with the instructor before class number 2, dog and mommy are ready to start again.

Hollywood did very well with her lessons after that first horrific class, and went on to graduate from the class by performing a few tasks combined into real life activities...and doing them well.

I was so proud of her!

And I'm so thankful for the Awesome instructor Kathy -for her patients, understanding, and guidance.

Me & Hollywood (left), Kathy (center), my daughter & Bear (right)

Yay Miss Hollywood!  We will take a few months break for the holiday months, while honing our skills, then I think we may just take some additional classes to build on what she has learned so far.

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