Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Waterlogue

For people like me with no painting talents to speak of, I've found a very cool app that turns my ordinary pictures into beautiful watercolor paintings.  It's called Waterlogue Photography, distilled by TinRocket, LLC.

Just look at these beautiful watercolor paintings.  They look nice enough to print and hang on the wall...which I just might do.

It doesn't do so well (just like real watercolor paintings) with detailed pictures, but I love the results of these. I wasted away over an hour running many of my favorite pictures through the app.  It is really fun watching the process as it happens. 

You can purchase this at for $2.99 either through the iTunes website or visit the Waterlogue website. I wish is was available for android products too, but I love using it on my iPad.  Maybe if you don't have an apple product you could visit their facebook page and ask them about creating an android version.

Well I just wanted to share this fun I'm off to play with more pictures!

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*This was an unpaid, unsolicited post about the products shown above that I have purchased myself.  Neither the owner of this app nor iTunes have asked me to include links to their products in this post.  There are NO Affiliate links in this post, please see my Full Disclosure here.