Monday, July 1, 2013

My first Fried Zucchini of the Season ~ Recipe

Today I harvested my first zucchini (and a few more okra) and fried it up for dinner!

I love zucchini just about any way that you cook it and even uncooked too!  My favorite way is fried.  I don't make it that way too often because of the extra fat from being fried, although I use olive oil to cook it in.  It is my summer time guilty pleasure.  If you have never tried it, you should!  Here is generally how I make it.

I usually have an entire zucchini to myself, but since I only had one so far I had to share this one with the hubby (so double or triple as needed).  I sliced it into thick slices (almost 1/2 " thick).  I placed the slices into a small Ziploc back and added 1 beaten egg.  Roll the back around a bit to thoroughly coat the zucchini.  In a separate bowl I mixed 3 parts flour with 1 part cornmeal (corn meal is option but I like the flavor).

I dropped each egg-covered slice of zucchini in the flour mixture and turned to coat all sides.

While doing this I was also heating a little olive oil in a frying pan.  When the oil was good and hot I dropped each floured zucchini slice into the hot pan of oil and allowed it to sizzle for a few moments.   It is important that the oil be hot enough to actually sizzle when you drop your zucchini in.  This locks in the juices and prevents the zucchini from soaking up the oil.  To test the temperature, sprinkle a pinch of flour in your oil -if it sizzles instantly, then it is hot enough.

I added a little salt and pepper on top, then peeked under the zucchini to see that it was sufficiently browned, then I turned them over to fry the other side.

Once both sides were sufficiently browned I removed them from the oil, placing them on the serving plate.  The heat softens the zucchini so it is tender and juicy.  I served them up with a little light ranch dressing on the side.  Oh My Goodness these were Good!!!

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