Wednesday, July 3, 2013


UPDATE ON THE YARNELL HILL FIRE: I just learned from Paul Doherty, PhD that the fire perimeter mapping has been updated and it now shows that Peeples Valley proper (the main housing area) has been excluded from the burn area previously reported. See the current map below...

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Yesterday the map showed that most of Peeples Valley proper was within the perimeter of the active fire area. Why the difference today?  Because the Esri's maps update whenever the centralized source (the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) called GeoMAC) updates their database.  The USGS uses thermal imaging (among other methods) to detect what areas are within the fires perimeters...this is not 100% accurate, but very close.  So it looks like last night they were able to get new information and therefore changed the perimeter.

I also called Liberty Mutual Insurance again this morning to get an update from the Wildfire Resource Team on the ground in Peeples Valley.  She told me that according to their report, the fire had not burned our house or the neighboring houses.  It was close by our community and they did need to do some protective measures (including setting up sprinklers on the roof as a last effort to protect a house) for some houses in Peeples Valley but they could not tell me specifically which ones, so I assume those must have been houses on the outskirts of the primary housing area, such as those further up in the hills to the West and South of Peeples Valley proper.   The person I spoke to said she was looking at a picture of my house from last nights 8:40pm report and it was fine...she identified several vehicles in front of my house so I know it was actually mine.  She said I could call back later this afternoon for further updates.

I want to again thank Paul for keeping me posted of the mapping updates, the wonderful people at Liberty Mutual Insurance,  the Wildfire Resource Team for the on-the-ground updates, and to all the wonderful people who are Praying for our community and the fallen firefighters and their families.  The out pour of generosity has been so comforting.  THANK YOU!!!

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