Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lazy Sunday Afternoons Around the House...Javelina's, Cats, and Scorpions

A Javelina family stopped by this morning for a snack.  I toss my garden clippings outside my garden area and I think they enjoy finding the little treats.  Since the recent wildfire I am sure they need all the extra greens they can get.  It's a give 'n take relationship we have with them.  I leave them a few garden clipping, and they eat the ugly weeds that grow up around my yard as they pass through each morning and evening.  See the daddy there (half in the picture on the far right)?  He is pulling those weeds growing there by my water faucet. Such a cute baby don't you think?

Mom, Dad, and baby Javelina on our patio.
Here is what my cat does when the javelina's pass through...See him up there in the pine tree?  He is about 10 feet high.  He will play up there for quite a while.  Walking from branch to branch, sometimes just resting on a branch watching the goings on down on the ground.  I bet the birds are shocked to find a big cat sleeping in their tree, ha ha.

Marvin up in the pine tree?  Walking around on the branches or even taking a nap.

We have three cats and they all have such interesting personalities.  But the last few days it seems that Marvin is the only one being caught in his antics by my camera.  Besides branch-walking, another quirky thing he does is collect all of the bath rugs into a pile.  Getting them in the pile is rather entertaining because he stands on the rugs and jumps in the air while doing a bucking bronco bull type movement to kick them behind himself.  Then after all that work he needs to take a nap.

Now I have no idea which one of the cats left this little treasure for me on the coffee table!  It about scared the bagezzers out of me until I discovered it was very much dead.  I almost sat my glass on top of it.

Dead scorpion that one of my cats left for me on the coffee table.

This is the 4th dead scorpion my cats have left out for us to find.  One of them even had his stinger tail removed.  If you have scorpions (and we do here in AZ) then you either need a cat or a chicken in your house...since the hubby probably wouldn't let me bring a chicken in, I will have to let the cats take care of these creepy-crawlies for me.

What's happening on this wonderful Sunday afternoon around your house?

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