Saturday, June 29, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader ~ Hello BlogLovin! Have you switched yet?

Just a quick reminder to those of you using Google Reader to manage your favorite is shutting down on Monday!

If you haven't already made the switch to another reader, or you have but aren't happy with it, you should give BlogLovin a try.  I switched to them a few weeks back because my email inbox was getting sooo bogged down with emails to the point that I was missing some of my favorite blogs in the pile.

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(BlogLovin could really use some better icons.)

BlogLovin is FREE and so easy to work with.  And right now, if you sign up for BlogLovin before Monday you can easily move all of your Google Reader blogs you follow over to BlogLovin with just a few clicks.  And adding new blogs is as easy as entering their blog url in the search box then clicking 'Follow' once BlogLovin finds the blog for you.  That is too easy!

To help you keep your blogs organized you can use categories to sort them out.  You create the categories so you decide how you want to sort them.  Say for example you call one category "MY FAVS" and another, "Like", and another "Tues Blog Hops", etc.  Then you can view all of your blogs in a single list or just your favs, or on Tuesday read those that have Tuesday Hops.  You get the idea...just be creative how you categorize them in what ever way works best for you.

My favorite thing about BlogLovin is that I get '1' email each evening with all of the most recent blog posts included.  So when I have time to sit down and read in the evening I just go to BlogLovin and read the ones I want.  If I get free time any other time in the day I can quickly visit the BlogLovin website (or their app on my iPad) to catch up on everyone's posts.  Once I have visited the blogs on the list they automatically change to 'read' so my unread list is always current with the most recent, up-to-the-minute posts at the top!

So if you have not signed up for BlogLovin yet, give it a try, you have nothing to lose.  If you are already using BlogLovin, be sure to Follow Me with BlogLovin too!  Please share your BlogLovin url in the comments below so we can all find you!

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