Friday, August 8, 2014

Update on Miss Hollywoods Dog Training ~ We Had a Break Through!

Just a quickie post...hey, we all need a quickie now and then.

So I shared with you in a post last week about my total FAIL at our dog obedience class.  Well, I didn't give up just yet.  I've been working with Miss Hollywood all week, trying to find a treat so appetizing that she would forget everything else going on around her and focus on me and that treat.  I tried several things, including hotdogs that I have had great success with in the past with other dogs.  But she would either immediately not like the treats of lose interest quickly...even the hotdog couldn't hold her long enough to get through a 15 minute home training session.  So I've just been giving her lots of praise and she has done okay at home, only if there are no distractions around her.  But get her away from home or throw in a car going by or a dog barking in the neighborhood and she is totally focused on that instead of me.

So today I took her back to the school, but this time it was to attend the puppy structured play class.  I was hoping it would let her have fun at this location so she wouldn't only remember the negative time she had last week. Before class I took her to the city park downtown with lots of cars, people, and other dogs roaming all around us.  I figured it would give her a chance to see all the activity and try to relax quietly with me with all this going on around her.  She did relax after a bit but freaked out as we were heading back across the street to my car when a bicyclist passed close by us. She had never seen one of those and it scared her.

When we got to the puppy class no one else showed up so she got some one on one time with Kathy the instructor.  Since she missed so much of the first obedience class Kathy suggested that we work on those things with her while mixing in some play.  She also gave me another treat to try.  It is called DogNation Chicken Treats, and it worked!  It held her attention through the entire session.

Today Hollywood was able to do all of her tricks/lessons wonderfully!  She really impressed the teacher with her smarts.  There were even people walking by the big front window and she wasn't bothered by them.  I feel so much better and hope she will be able to stay focused at the obedience class on Sunday when 4 other dogs and their human parents in the room with us. 

I will let you know how it goes!  

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