Sunday, August 10, 2014

Dogs Take Over Dating Site ~ Creative Marketing at its Best

I just read an article on TechCrunch, written by Sarah Buhr, that I just have to share with you.  The article is about a dating app called that has 'gone to the dogs' so to speak.  Recently, Social Tees, an animal rescue organization hooked up with an ad agency, the Barn at BBH, and started posting abandoned dogs on the dating site as if they were humans looking for love.  Suddenly many of the 10 million users started receiving match notices that hooked them up with these abandoned dogs available at local rescues.  What a great idea!  After adding dating profiles for just 10 dogs, 1 of them has already been adopted after only the first few days.

The profiles written for each of the dogs were so fun, here are a couple examples.
"Your doghouse or mine?"

"11 month old. Pit mix. Fetch fanatic. Adores snuggling up and falling asleep on the couch. Ready to go home with the luckiest animal lover in town"

They even utilized the type of hook up options they were open to, such as 'looking for a short-term commitment' for an option to foster a dog for two weeks, or 'long-term love' you can adopt a dog permanently and for those just wanting a 'one-time hook up', you can volunteer to walk the dog.

I love the idea, but think it would be better if they created an actual 'dog dating site' specifically for abandoned dogs looking for homes and lonely humans looking for dog companions.  Then you could use true ages, breeds, etc, instead of the arbitrary ages and personal info created for these 10 rescue dogs.  On they listed the dogs ages as human ages, so for example a 9 week old puppy was listed as 26 years old in hopes of matching her with a 26 year old range human.

I know that if a real dog dating site were available near me I would have used it when I was looking for the newest addition to our fur-babies, Miss Hollywood.  And imagine if you could use the app to volunteer for those 'one-time hook ups' in your own neighborhood, what a help you could be for an elderly person who isn't able to walk their dogs as far as they use to.  I found my husband through online dating (and we just celebrated our 11th anniversary) so I would definitely use an online dog dating site! What do you think about this idea?

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