Thursday, August 14, 2014

Things From My 20's Are Now Called 'Vintage'

I love new technology.  People close to me know how I get so excited about new gadgets and smarter smartphones.  I get such an itch for the newest smartphone when each new model comes out.  My husband and I have Verizon with the 'New Every Two' program, and each year I would use my 'New Every Year', then the next year I would use his.  He was fine with keeping the same phone but I wanted to try the newest one and two years just seemed to be too long to wait.

I wasn't always this way.  There was a time back in the 80's that I had a fear of push button phones!  I use to have repeating nightmares that I was in an emergency situation and needed to call 911, but the buttons either wouldn't work or they would fall off the phone when I pushed them to call 911, which meant I couldn't get emergency help for my children or husband, or even myself.  I would wake up sweating and my heart beating out of my chest with fear.

I remember about that time I moved to a new house and went to the phone company (the days when there was an actual building to walk into) and ordered new phone service.  They provided you the telephones in those days, so when they handed me the new push button phone my heart started to pound and a bead of sweat immediately broke out on my forehead.  I refused that phone and asked for a rotary dial phone.  The lady looked at me like I was insane.  She said "we don't give those out anymore".  I pointed to an old burgundy colored rotary dial phone on a display nearby and asked if I could have that one instead.  She said it was just for display to show how far we have come with new technology.  I was having a mild panic attack and she could see it, so she got approval to take the phone off the display and let me use it instead.

I kept this phone until it finally died many years later.  But before it died I had to learn to use push buttons because everyone else had them.  They were even in most of the phonebooths (remember those? And remember when they only cost a dime to use?) so if I was not at home, I had to use a push button.  This lack of access to rotary phones, except at home, forced me to try the new phones when I didn't need to call 911, so it was in safe situations.  I was finally able to use the push button phone without having a panic attack.  And eventually I retired my old rotary to the toy box and got a new push button phone, with re-dail!  Such a cool new feature at that time.

Once that hurdle was jumped I moved on to cordless phones with zeal, and then to the first car phone, where it was actually attached by a cord inside the car.  This love of new technology continued to grow and grow until now my constant companions are my Android smartphone which I also use as a hotspot for my iPad wherever I go.

I have tried to slow down on the new every year thing with my phones, but only because I am distracted by the new apps that I can download to my phone and iPad.  They give me the 'new' fun, without the cost or need to learn a new device so often. 

Still to this day I can connect with the experience of using a rotary dial phone. I loved the feel of my finger in the hole, spinning around the dial, hitting the stop, then hearing that familiar sound as it unwound itself.  I will always have fond memories of dialing a rotary dial phone.  How about you? 

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