Thursday, July 31, 2014

What's in my email inbox?

Too much that's for sure, but I can't bring myself to get rid of most of them because they are all important to me on some level.

Let's take a look at the first 10 I see...

  • This just popped in, Market Watch. I don't follow the stock market, but my husband does, so by me following I get updates about all events that feels is moving the stock market in what ever direction it's going at that moment. So if Terry announces that the stock market is down today, I can insert the email headline and say, "Yep, the "Us Concern Over Federal Rate Policy" is probably what's to blame for the drag on the Dow." And I sound so smart, lol.  Sometimes I am really amazed at what Market Watch feels will impact the stock market enough to generate an up-to-minute email post like, "Happy Birthday Harry Potter!", or "Wozniacki to Run NYC Marathon!", yeah I'm going start selling (or buying?) stocks based on that exciting news!

  • Then there are a few emails from Amazon telling me my items ordered yesterday will be delivered TODAY! Oh how I love Amazon Prime and having a shipping center just a few hours south of us in Phoenix. The problem with being rural is that it is almost faster (and costs less if you factor in fuel) to buy most things on Amazon rather then drive over 100 miles (one-way) to the city that has the stores that sell the stuff.

  • The next few emails are updates from Twitter about who followed me, RT'd or DM'd me since yesterday and similar updates from Pinterest and Facebook.

  • There is an email from "Wendy Davis for Texas" (hey Wendy, just an fyi, "I don't live in Texas").  Wendy Davis for Texas is telling me it's the '13th Hour' and they 'need to reach $35,000 in donations by midnight!'  I guess because I'm a Democrat they feel I should donate to all democrats everywhere.  Well, I have nothing against Ms Davis, I actually like her and would vote for her here in AZ but I can't donate to every democrat in the country...I didn't make enough money in the stock market selling stocks on Harry Potters Birthday.

Once my first-of-the-morning chores are done I get to sit down and relax a bit to drink my morning coffee while I skim through the emails.  If I get through them fast enough there is time to read some of my favorite blogs. Sometimes I leave a comment, but often there just isn't enough times if I want to read lots of them. But either way, I do enjoy the posts and feel inspired by the wonderful bloggers who have written them.

So what's in YOUR Email Inbox?

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