Thursday, March 28, 2013

Researching Cool Chicken Coops

As I prepare for my future backyard chickens I have been doing lots of research on chicken coops.  The hubby is a house builder so he has agreed to build me what ever coop I want, if I can find him the plans or some really good pics.  He has never raised a chicken, or even seen a live one up close for that matter, so he has no idea what a chicken needs in their coop.  So I have to educate him on a few things.

We could have a basic utilitarian style coop but I have seen some really cool ones that look like miniature country towns or kids playhouses.  They are so cute!  I want to find something that will look great in the yard while still being functional for the chicks as well as allow me easy access to the eggs and for cleaning.  Look at this one that was featured on the cover of the Backyard Poultry August/September 2012 issue.  I am already thinking about how much fun I would have painting and decorating the fronts with different chicken themed buildings.  

Speaking of the Backyard Poultry Magazine (I love that magazine), while visiting their online site I discovered an awesome giveaway going on called the Chick House Peepstakes sponsored by Nutrena .  There are several prizes that you can win including a Grand Prize of a Chicken Coop worth over $2,400!!  I have entered and to be fair I thought I would share the contest with you too.

If you have a really cool coop tell me about it.  Send a picture and I may include it in a future post!  If you have plans for building a cool coop I'd love to hear about them too.

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  1. Good luck finding the perfect one for you, and hurrah that hubby is willing and a builder! :)

    1. Yes I am glad too...I am sure I could construct 'something' but even my chickens might laugh at it. LOL.


  2. I hope you find the best coop design that will work for you! It's really amazing what all you can do with chicken coops. We actually use an old shed that my mother-in-law gave us when she moved. Just added nest boxes and roosts and it was good to go.

    Thank you for sharing that awesome giveaway! I'm off to enter :)

    1. Thanks Tammy. I was reading somewhere that we should start with the basics because most folks will want to make modifications within a year anyway. I thought about that, but isn't planning and building part of the fun anyway?!

      There are some amazing looking coops out there. I am having such a ball browsing through the possibilities.

      Good luck in the giveaway!



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