Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Miss Hollywood's Dog Obedience Class ~ Week #3 ~ Starbucks Reward!

After a really rough start, Miss Hollywood is now doing so well at her Dog Obedience Classes.  She has shown me that she is Sooooo smart, and I'm not just saying that because she is my baby...well maybe just a little bit.  But even the teacher says she is very smart.

After leaving another great training session we went next door to the pet store, 'Whiskers Barkery' to pick up some more DogNation TreatsThey are fabulous!!  If you are trying to train a dog you should get some.  While we were in the store Miss Hollywood was so good.  She even got a chance to show off what she learned in the class when two different people asked to pet her.  I explained that she was in training so let me get her ready.  I turned to Hollywood and asked her to sit, then I introduced her to these strangers and told them they could pet her under her chin.  She loved the attention and did not jump on them (as she use to do), and she did not wet the floor (as she also use to do).

I was so proud of her.  She even sat at the counter while I paid for her treats and she didn't steal any of the yummy rawhides right there in front of her in the open bins.  They know that is going to tempt the dog (and their owner).

Just as we got to the car and a man walked by on the sidewalk with his dog, and his donkey.  YES, I said Donkey!!!  A full-sized donkey with a pack walking on a loose leash behind the man, right there within maybe 5 feet of us.  Miss Hollywood just stood there watching them walk by.  I think she was just as shocked as I was at seeing a man walking a donkey along the city sidewalks in downtown Prescott, AZ.

I was so proud of how Miss Hollywood didn't chase after them, or worse, bark at them and scare the donkey, so on our way home we stopped at Starbucks to reward her with a cool treat.  Okay, I got a reward too, but I didn't run after the donkey either, and you know I wanted to!  So I got a Mocha Frappuchino and Hollywood got a Pup-cup.  They'll give your dog one for Free if you ask for it in the drive up window.  It's just a small cup with whipped cream, no coffee included.

As you can tell Miss Hollywood Loves Pup-Cups!!
Hey Starbucks...Add these to your #SipFace photos!

Got to get the very last drop...

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