Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happy 30th Birthday to my Baby!

Oh baby is 30!!!

Happy Birthday Whitney!

My baby just turned 30.  I remember last year when she turned 29, she had such a hard time because she said she thought her life would be more on-track by then.  Happily I can say that this year, her life is on-track.  She is in a loving relationship, she is finally getting to be the stay at home mom she wanted to be.  She has also discovered that she has an artistic side that she never had time, or the confidence to realize it.  Look at the adorable chicken sculpture she made me.

She knows I love kooky things...and Chickens!

This sculpture of a pregnant woman was her first sculpture, isn't it beautiful?

I am so happy that she has found contentment in her life, and is now discovering who she really is, not just doing what she needed to do as a single mom to get by, working back to back double shifts on weekends, while the kids stayed with their dad or us, so that she didn't have to be away from her kids all week or put them in daycare.  I am happy that she met a man who loves and adores her and the kids, bringing his own two children into the family has made my daughter even happier.  He is the one who encouraged her to try sculpting.  He asked her what she would like to do if she had the time and money to do what ever she wanted that would bring her peace.  She said she always wanted to sculpt.  He bought her some basic tools and a box of clay, and told her to enjoy.  I have since bought her two more boxes of clay and she is slowly building her tool supply.

I am so happy for her (and them).

So, Happy 30th Birthday my baby. I love you!

The 3 Musketeers as my dad called them. Whitney (center), sister Jessie (left), cousin Eva (right)

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