Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Raised Bed Garden Update ~ Harvesting some Veggies!

Just wanted to share with you an update on my raised bed garden.  The plants seem to be growing nicely (despite getting off to a rough start with my cats eating the plants).  I have even been harvesting (if you can call it that) some Okra.

My largest 1 day harvest yet, lol.

I've been picking them while they are still small (about 3") to encourage the plants to produce more.  I have to admit, it does looks a little silly when I am blanching only 1 to 3 okra at a time, but my freezer bag stash is slowly growing.  Very soon I will be able to cook up enough for one whole meal.

Look at my zucchini plant, isn't that just beautiful?
These beautiful golden flowers are sure to attract the bee's.

And look!  I see my first little zucchini growing in there!
My first Zucchini of this season.

I've even got a few teeny tiny bell peppers too!

Teeny Tiny little Bell Pepper...can you see it?

I can't wait until I'm harvesting more than the two of us can possibly eat in a day.  My friends and neighbors are anxiously waiting for that day as well, Hahaha!

I am getting my canning jars wont be long now!  I am so pleased with my raised bed garden this year.  Of course I am already planning a second raised bed for next year, hee hee!

So what are YOU Growing this year?

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