Monday, June 24, 2013

It's official...I am Old!

I guess I am officially old...I just signed up for AARP today!

I have tried to resist them for three decades now.  Yes, three decades!  You see, back in my 20's I subscribed to magazines about such things as 'quilting' and 'crocheting' so they just assumed I was over age 50.  I know that because when I ordered magazines I always used my birth name (which I don't wish to share) so the only things that came in my mail with that name, other than the magazines, were solicitations from random companies who the magazines sold my name and info to...including AARP.  So you see, they were 'profiling' me, lol (back when it was just called stereotyping).

Oh well, being old does have it's benefits.  Like today, the reason I finally gave in and signed up for AARP is because the hubby needed to go out of town for a few days on last minute notice, and needed a motel.  Well all the motels in the town where he was going were mostly booked up and the motels that were open were expensive.   But with an AARP membership I would save up to $10.84 per day...times 3 days that is $$32.52 savings!   Since the yearly membership for AARP is only $16 (and it covers the hubby too), I have a net savings of $16.52 on the first day!  Think how much chicken feed I could buy with $16.52.

They have other benefits specifically for us seniors (that is kind of weird to say, lol) like they provide lots of health and fitness news on their website, as well as money management tips for those of us hoping to retire in the next 20 or so years.  The GeekSquad offers up to 25% off some of their computer services, and Amazon gives us 10% off Kindle eReaders including the Kindle Fire, plus certain restaurants and car rental agencies also offer discounts to AARP Members.  You can use it to save on travel too (but I don't think I'll be using that discount, I hate leaving my chickens).

Hey, I can save 10% at Micheal's on Tuesdays!  I better go, I gotta do some more research to see where else I might use my new 'senior' discount card.  This senior thing might not be so bad after all :-)


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