Monday, June 3, 2013

If you hide your blog, I can't find you and become virtual chicken-keeping friends!

Are you and your blog hiding in the background?  You should step out of the shadows so like minded people can find you!  It's as easy as updating your blogger profile.

See that box over there in the right-hand column that says "Join this site with Google Friend Connect" and has little thumbnail under it with your picture (hopefully it has your picture)?  Did you know that if I click on it I can see your Google profile, a link to your website, a link to contact you via email (if you want me to be able to contact you), along with other things like what other blogs you follow?  Well, it shows me all that unless you are hiding. 

Many people don't realize they are short-circuiting everyone's ability to easily find their blog/website because this information is not up to date.  When I see a new follower over there, I click on their thumbnail and hopefully find a link to their blog so I can go visit their blog too.  If I want to contact them about their blog, I look for a link to their email address there too.  But if they have not updated their information, our ability for future networking ends right there.  You're visiting blogs to socialize, so lets make it easier to do.

Updating your information is really easy. 

1.) First, click on your own thumbnail (that hopefully is there because you are now following me).  When the pop up box opens, do you see a link to your blog/website?  If not then click on your profile name (to the right of your profile picture, or stock silhouette if you haven't added a picture yet).

2.) Next, click the "Edit Profile" button in the upper right corner of the new page that opened.

Under "Privacy" check the boxes to 'share my profile', 'show my email' (this is optional, you can leave it unchecked, but enter your email so I can contact you even if I can't see your email address), 'show my blog', etc.

3.) Scroll on down and fill out the "Identity" information.

4.) Add a profile picture...either of yourself or your blog picture.

5.) Go on down the page and enter your blog/website URL

6.) Fill in any of the other information that you are comfortable sharing, then go to the bottom and hit the "Save" button.

Now when I click on your thumbnail picture over there in the right column...I will be able to see you (or your blog picture), and I can easily go visit your blog/website!  This is what online social networking is all about.  You visit my blog, I visit yours...we become virtual 'chicken keeping friends!'

GFC is only one place that your profile helps bring people to your blog/website, so go visit any other places where you have profiles that need updated with your blog url such as Pinterest, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, etc...

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