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The Chicken Lady's Pick of FREE eBooks! (9/02/14)

If you are new to this series, each Tuesday & Saturday I will be posting the Chicken Lady's Pick of FREE eBooks!  I will include books that I am personally purchasing, in my favorite genre's like non-fiction, books based on a true story, or fiction that seems non-fiction, self-help, autobiographies, true-crime, cook books sometimes, and children's books.  I will also be including some books that are not necessarily my kind of books, like sci-fi, romance novels, and books about sports, as long as they have very high reviews on Amazon.  Sometimes I will include books that are not free to all, but will be Free for you if you have a KindleUnlimited subscription. [Learn more about it & get a Free 30 day trial here.] Please leave me a comment if you like this series of posts as it will encourage me to continue bringing you a new list of FREE eBooks!

You don't have to have an Amazon Kindle to Read Kindle eBooks.

Here are today's 'Chicken Lady's Pick of FREE eBooks'

[*BEFORE PURCHASING* Please look at the price of the book before you purchase it.  These books were listed as $0.00 at the time of this post, but as I mentioned earlier, this is usually a short term promotion and then they go back to the full price.] 

Boxed Set of 5 Gardening Books:
1) The Ultimate guide to Raised Bed Gardening for Beginners.  2) The Ultimate Guide to Vegetable Gardening for Beginners.  3) The Ultimate Guide to Companion Gardening for Beginners.  4) Greenhouse Gardening for Beginners.  5) Container Gardening for Beginners. 
 ** Kindle Unlimited This book set is also available for Free with your KindleUnlimited subscription. Learn more


From the Author
This book is for you if:
  1. You're sick and tired of worrying about money
  2. You're sick and tired of having the lack of money control your emotions
  3. If you're depressed, drained or anxious about your financial situation
  4. If you're ready to stop wasting money and want to see a fat bank balance instead
  5. If you're ready to start accumulating and creating REAL wealth
  6. If you're ready to create the life, money and relationships that will make you feel rich
  7. If you want to find out the real reasons and trigger points that cause you use money in ways that sabotage your success
  8. If you want to become a magnate for all things positive
  9. If you want to be a better partner, parent or friend
  10. How we roll in one area is pretty much how we roll in general. Cleaning up your financial act can be the magic beans you need.


SEVEN SILENT WITNESSES - Finding FREEDOM Through the Power of Forgiveness.  Written in novel form this book is Inspirational, Motivational, gives specific direction in Spiritual Healing, practical information on healthy relationships and will captivate the reader from page one. 

Inspiring! Compelling and deeply moving, Seven Silent Witnesses is the story of one girl's emotional journey from extreme brokenness to remarkable wholeness.
Oh Darn! This one dropped off the Free List just hours before this post went live. That's why you have to Act Fast!  If you have a ** Kindle Unlimited subscription you can still get it for Free. Learn more


Pinkerton doesn't understand his owner’s commands. When told to come, he jumps out the window. When asked to fetch, he destroys the slippers instead. Pinkerton’s desperate owners take him to obedience school, but he flunks out in record time. Then one night a burglar breaks into their house, and Pinkerton is able to put his bad habits to good use.

This silly charmer of a story was included on the Booklist and Horn Book best of the year lists and inspired four sequels about the impossibly clueless but irresistibly sweet Pinkerton. Now, in honor of its 35th anniversary, Steven Kellogg has updated the art and text (most notably removing the gun that appeared in the original edition), and has written an introductory note about the book’s history.
**PRE-ORDER -Available September 4, 2014.


At a critical juncture during brain surgery, Alex Dixon, age 12, had a stroke. . .

Alex was a normal, bright, and healthy little girl, when the sudden onset of a mysterious illness began to take over her life.  Months of physical therapy and medication failed to provide relief from acute pain and muscle spasms. Doctors across the country were at a loss for answers. A last-ditch attempt at treatment—brain surgery—ended up stopping the spasms but with unexpected, dire consequences.

A Stroke of Luck is the remarkable true story of a close-knit family that meets challenge after challenge with resilience, hope, and love.

** Kindle Unlimited This book is also available for Free with your KindleUnlimited subscription. Learn more

NOTE ABOUT KINDLES & AMAZON: Buy the way, you do not need a Kindle device to read Kindle books, you can download the Kindle app to your Laptop, Desktop, Smartphone, iPad and just about any smart devices.  You will need an Amazon account to purchase the free books.  Sign-up is super easy if you don't already have one.  To get a Free book you have to go through the purchase process even though the price is $0.00.  You will need a method of payment on file with Amazon, but they will not charge your card to 'purchase' a free ebook. 

*This was an unpaid, unsolicited post about the products shown above that I have purchased myself.  Neither the authors nor the publishers have asked me to include their books in this post.  The first image in this post today is courtesy of adamr at FreeDigitalPhotos.net.  I have included Affiliate links in this post, please see my Full Disclosure here.

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